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Meet your Massage Therapist

Michele Bettis  NCLMBT #11054

           I graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at  Coastal Carolina Community College on April 1, 2011.I enjoy learning new modalities and changing things up. I grew up right outside New Orleans and after Hurricane Katrina, I had my first massage. It was that day that I knew that this is what I wanted to do. I felt comforted and cared for yet renewed after having a lot of muscle pain and depression. That massage was instrumental in the start of my mental health care through that crisis.

             For the last 8 years of my career I had been working with Coastal Massage and Wellness but needed to branch out.

And that is how Body Ritual was born!! Everyone deserves care for the mind and body. The opioid crisis hits home with someone in my family. Massage offers so much benefit to those with chronic pain that are working to minimize the pain medication in their lives.

            I have worked with clients with PTSD. Whether you just need small 15 minute sessions or work up to 90 minute sessions, we can get you comfortable to start your plan of care starting with a lot of communication.

Have a look around on the menu! I have different modalities for the body and the mind!

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