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Body Ritual

      Massage & Bodywork


824 Gum Branch Rd. Suite T

Jacksonville, NC 28540

(910) 581-4107

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Michele Bettis NCLMBT#11054


Do you have a ritual for self care?  Taking time for yourself is not selfish. Having a self care ritual is essential with these difficult times. It facilitates a sense of well-being and for a lot of my clients, chronic pain relief. I offer a variety of services ranging from deep tissue massage for muscle pain to energy healing to calm the mind. We can put together a plan of care for you!


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Pregnant Woman in Nature
60/90 min              $70/$100
Unwind the body & relax the mind. Light to medium pressure is used to soothe muscle tension, improve circulation and promote a sense of well being.
Deep Tissue
60/90 min        $80/110
 Great for post workout soreness & chronic pain by eliminating toxins from the muscles while promoting relaxation.         
60 min            $70
A 60 minute side-lying massage to soothe the aches & pains of pregnancy for the Mama to be.
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    75 min                     $75

Cups are placed on the body to lift connective tissue to restore blood flow and oxygen.

Reiki Treatment


      60 min            $60

 A mind body experience. Highly recommended for those with PTSD or caretaker burnout. Combination of swedish massage, corresponding essential oils and adding stones to balance your energy centers.

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          Herbal Bliss

        75 min              $90

Homemade herbal pouches steamed and applied to the body to add aromatherapy and warmth for a blissful  massage!

Hot Stone Massage

  Hot Stone Massage

      60 min             $75

A 60 minute pampering massage using hot stones to soothe away the day.

The Ritual

  90 min                       $110

This head to toe ritual begins with herbal aromas to soothe the mind. A pampering face and scalp massage begins your journey into a relaxing massage that ends with the feet and hot towels. 


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